You Can Design, Too!


Although big corporations still have a stranglehold on the world of technology, smaller designers and builders are starting to take over the world of corporate business. While people like Elon Musk have a massive death grip on the world of the electric car and renewable energy, small designers are making strides in their own areas, making small differences that add up to great ones.

There is a new theory of marketing that gives smaller developers and builders a lot of hope in the world today. It is called the long-tail theory of marketing; the idea is that since so many people are able to do really well in any area of products that customers will start shopping from more people than just massive corporations. Just think about some of the innovations that the App Store has allowed!

you-can-design-tooSmall computer software developers have made games such as Angry Birds and Flappy Bird that have taken off in huge ways! Flappy Bird was taken offline two years ago, but it made the developer ‎Nguyễn Hà Đông very rich while it was up! Numbers are likely in the area of 2 million USD or more. Just think about it; in the old days of business before the internet there was no WAY that a small developer could make millions unless he was a part of a huge company. Now you can do it with some marketing savvy, creative skill, and knowledge of tech.

It’s the same story with Angry Birds, but better! The small independent development team behind the popular game has hit a gold mine, as Angry Birds resulted in massive merchandising deals and a movie to boot. Once again, never underestimate that age that you’re living in. You have a lot you can do with your skills.

Here’s what you need to truly succeed in this modern landscape. First of all, you really need an artistic mind. One of the developers I work with on a regular basis is a drummer on the side, playing drums such as the ones from http://barkingdrum.com/. He does this to express his creativity, and to fuel his technological side. You also need a working knowledge of your area; because of this internet this is often just clicks away! For example, if you want to learn coding there are free sites that can teach you that! Or if you want to learn how to draw, get on YouTube! It’s easier than you’d think!

So, no matter what your art is: whether you produce amazing drum tracks with drum superb machine from Barking Drum, or designing the next Angry Birds for iPhone; get out there and use your talents! Anyone can learn to do almost anything because of the internet. “I don’t know how!” is not an excuse anymore… The internet is full of more free information than you could learn in a lifetime of learning, every second of every day. So learn something new, starting today!

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