Why Artists Make the Best Entrepreneurs

why-artists-make-the-best-entrepreneursWhen artists make the ultimate decision that they WANT to be artists, there is often a slight aversion to doing anything “business-related.” Artists tend to assume that doing the business part of their job will blunt their artistic sense. And to be sure, the business of art is not nearly as sexy as the art itself! But the problem arises when no one wants to buy your art.

Things almost never sell themselves; the old adage “build it and they will come” does not really apply to the world of art, be that books, paintings, or sculpture. Fortunately, you as an artist already have the tools that you need to make it in the world of art AND business!

Think about it this way: if you do not market and sell your art, someone else will have to do it, or it won’t sell much. Why would you let someone else make the big bucks from selling your artwork when you could be making the money from YOUR artwork? As an artist, you DO have the mind for business. You just have to learn the skills! It will take time, but would you prefer that your art not sell at all?


Artists have a very unique blend of left-brained and right-brained abilities. On the one hand, artists conceptualize ideas very well; that’s why artists are often seen as so eccentric. Their domain is the world of ideas and concepts. However, to be considered artists, they have to bring those conceptions and ideas into the real world, through whatever medium that may be.

This is true for sculptors, for musicians who play instruments from http://windplays.com/, and for authors and painters. And almost any other artist you can think of! Therefore, artists can easily work in the world of ideas or in the world of execution. Think about Stephen King. He comes up with brilliant, original stories, and is able to market and execute them. This is how he has authored more than 50 bestsellers and made moves from about 30 of those books. Your work is not done when you create the art!

I would suggest that you read a few books about business; you don’t have to go for your MBA or anything like that! And one other thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to run all of your business yourself! When it comes to things like taxes and accounting, it is often good to hire outside help if you can afford it. Certain technical sides of business are just too complicated to do yourself. But you SHOULD know enough of the basics to make sure your website looks good, you’re not losing too much money… Things like that!

Hopefully you see now that you need to know a little bit of business to truly succeed as an artist. If you’re not greedy, it won’t blunt your artist sense! In fact, it will give you more time to use it!

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