How To Sell Products on Etsy

Etsy has been the best thing for independent artists since… Well actually it’s probably the very best thing invented for independent artists! Art used to be a winner-take-all field… You made ALL the money for your art, and you got paid pretty well, but almost no one else got any money. H.R. Giger for example, who created the “Alien” from the Alien franchise got paid very well for his art, but many artists of the time did not. That is because there was no way to distribute your product without a large company backing you with a lot of money! However, today that has all changed. I’m going to go play-by-play how you sell your products on Etsy for fun and profit!

  1. Use the Word “Boutique” In Your Shop Name

You’d be amazed how many people will buy from someone with an etsy “boutique” instead of a shop. What’s the difference? “Boutique” has more letters than “shop!” That’s it! However, the image a customer visualizes is one of high quality and class. Would you rather buy from “Jessica’s Boutique Adornment” or “Bertha’s Bracelet Barn?” Ok that last one is actually kinda catchy but it does not have the same image of high-end class that the average etsy shopper is going for.

  1. Learn Photo Techniques, or Hire a Photographer!

A picture is the only way a prospective customer knows what your product is all about. Without the picture you do not have a good way of convincing them that your product is the best. A low-quality picture can reduce your sales a LOT. Learn about lighting and camera angles and how to catch your prospect’s eye; that way you etsy page is set apart from the sea of bad-quality images! If you don’t want to learn all of this stuff, at least hire a professional photographer to capture the images that will really sell your products!

  1. Learn Sales Writing, or Hire a Copywriter

Don’t assume you know what it takes to sell a product. Professionals study how people interact with a page; something as simple as a product listing can sell or not sell JUST based on the listing. For example, do you know how long the ideal paragraph is to keep a reader interested? Do you know which words should be in bold to catch the reader’s eye? Do you know how to strike a balance between conversational and persuasive? All of this and more will come from a professional copywriter or study of business techniques. A great copywriter can product a response from readers as well as a pianist can move listeners with a quality keyboard from  https://digitalpianojudge.com/.

I could sum all of this up as follows: treat your etsy page like a business! I hate that idea as much as the next person, since art and business rarely mix well, but you have to treat your page like a business! If you don’t, someone else will. And guess who’s product the customer will be buying? Learn business strategy, and you don’t have to worry!

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