Gifts that Keep Giving

Gifts that Keep GivingOne of the best ways to put your crafting talents to work is by making quality gifts that others will enjoy receiving. Sewing up baby clothes for a relative who just had a new addition to their family is one good example of a crafty gift that would be much appreciated by the person receiving it, even if the clothes are really meant for the baby rather than the parents. But what happens when you want to make a gift for someone without children? Well, there are a number of gifts that just keep giving, and you can even make some of them yourself if you’re willing to gather the materials and get your hands dirty.

That part about getting your hands dirty is usually a metaphor, but for this first gift idea the sentiment is quite literal. Cooks of all kinds would love to have a reliable source of fresh herbs and spices they use when preparing food, but most people just don’t have the aptitude to garden well, so they need a little help. By constructing an outdoor grow box or an indoor growing setup with LED grow lights from Plantozoid.com, you can create a gift that just keeps giving, at least as long as the plants don’t all die. This is a great gift idea, but a bad option for people who are forgetful or absentminded.

A great way to figure out a good gift to give is to first take a look at the recipient, and try to find something they need in their life, something they just don’t have, and then filling that void with the present. Did your photographer friend’s camera just break down on him? Maybe your girlfriend really needs a more comfortable pair of shoes because of her job that keeps her on her feet all day. Whoever you’re giving the gift to, make sure it’s something personal, even if it’s not something they necessarily need.

Getting back to the good gift ideas though, if you’re looking for something that will keep giving long after you gift it away, a pet might be a good option. This one is a little harder to approach, because you shouldn’t just gift animals to people who don’t want to take care of them. That’s just rude to the person, and it could be pretty traumatic for the animal too, especially if they end up at a shelter because they just didn’t fit into your friend’s lifestyle. The companionship and love that an animal can bring to a person makes the gift one that definitely keeps giving, but only for the right recipient.

Now that you a few great ideas for gifts that keep on giving, maybe you have some ideas of your own that you wouldn’t mind sharing with the rest of us? Giving presents is such a hassle for so many people, so you can rest assured that your advice will fall on willing ears here. Or eyes really, since we’re talking about leaving comments and all.

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